Longview Kennels
4550 Clover Hollow Road, Slatington, PA 18080
Pete DeAngelis, proprietor of Longview Kennels in Slatington, Pennsylvania, boasts a long, successful career as a professional dog trainer and handler. Pete has now retired from the horseback field trial circuit and provides dog training for amateur field trainers and hunters. He trains no more than 20 dogs at any given time to ensure that each dog receives the attention they deserve.

Personalized Training Programs

Since no two dogs are alike, Pete develops personalized training programs for each dog. In addition to training dogs, he takes the time necessary to train the dog's owner to handle themselves. Pete is a recipient of the Elwin G. Smith Setter Shooting Dog Award and has trained many award-winning dogs including:
• Champion, Dr Ray (ES Owned by Dick Straub)
• Champion, Wyola Pearl (EP Owned by Dick Straub & Ray Giuliani)
• National Open & Amateur Champion, Comeback Sugar Bear (Red Setter Owned by Paul Ober)
• National Open Champion, Celtic's Class Action (Red Setter Owned by Paul Ober)
• NJ Open Shooting Dog of the Year, Ch. Alabama Trip (ES Owned by Kyle Boone & Dr. John Shane)
Training Bird Dogs

Pete trains at Water & Wings in Zionsville, Pennsylvania, a private dog-training club that has more than 200 acres of fields manicured specifically for training bird dogs. The dogs get all the birds they need, and there is never any additional fees for birds used. Clients are always encouraged to come and work with Pete and their dog as frequently as possible.
Some of the dogs trained by Pete DeAngelis
Dog Owner
2012 ABC 2x NGDC FC AFC Hit's All Jack'D Up (B)Claire Ricci & Joe Sikorski
2011 ABC NGDC FC AFC Hit's All Jack D' Up (B)
2008 ABC NAGDC DC AFC Triumphant's Too Hot to Handle (B)Gina & Jeff Currier
2007 ABC NGDC FC Hit's For Pete's Sake (B) Ralph & Judy Kiracofe
2005 ABC NGDC FC AFC Buck's Hit The Road Jack (B) Ralph & Judy Kiracofe
2002 ABC NGDC FC AFC Coppertop's Alderwitch (B) Paul & Ginny Snyder
2005 NGSPA NAC FC Tulli's Scatback (GSP) Joe Amatulli
FC Ravenwood's Starlight Express (GSP) Joe Amatulli
CH Dr. Ray (ES) Dick Straub
CH Wyola Pearl (EP) Dick Straub & Ray Giuliani
NC & NAC Comeback Sugar Bear (RS) Paul Ober
NC Celtic's Class Action (RS) Paul Ober
Runner Up NAC Growing Concern (ES) Mark Janiec
Runner Up Open Ch. Redgate's Bisco Buck (EP) Odie Adcock
NC Ravenwood's Big Al (GSP) Bill Vanwart
PA Open Shooting Dog of the Year Betty's Bargain (ES) Betty Shuster
MD Open Shooting Dog Award Winner Dippity Dues (EP) Rob Saurewine
FC AFC Blue Rock's Diamond Girl (B) John & Joanne Perry
2014 ABC NAGDC Runner Up FC AFC Hit's Showtime (B) John & Joanne Perry
FC AFC Hit's Tailor Made (B) Rudy Bottiglione
FC AFC Sylvia's Big Birthday Bash (B) George Habecker
FC Rimarda's Rebel Jake (B) Sebastian Ventura
FC Jenny Two Shoes Marjo's (B) Tom Quinn
FC AFC Hit's Tailor Made (B) Ralph & Judy Kiracofe
AFC Brigadoons Boothbay Sassy (B) John Goushian
DC AFC Highlander's Autumn Blaze (B) Neil Colquehoun
FC AFC Brigadoons Katy'O (B) Paul & Ginny Snyder
CH Brigadoons Gone to Blazes (B) Paul & Ginny Snyder
FC Brigadoon's Mad About Max (B) Paul & Ginny Snyder
FC Conjuror Bay's Western Boots (B) Rudy Bottiglione
DC Mountain View's High Chaparral (B) M. Brenninger & R. Schaeffer
CH Mountain View's Y2K (B) Marianne English
FC AFC Rovan's Hit Man (B) Ralph & Judy Kiracofe
FC AFC Whiz's Covey Ripper (B) Ken & Carole Fisher
Ch. Hope's Goodness Gracious (B) Lisa Podraza
Deuce's Whiskey Runner (B) Lisa Podraza
FC The Next Generation (B) Will Smeltz
FC Brigadoon's Sizzlin Sadie (B) Paul & Ginny Snyder
FC Allmac's Wilkie (B) John McMurray
FC Kirby Mtn Beacasseau Echo (B) George Habecker
FC Whiz's Covey Ripper (B) Ken Fisher
GFC AFC Marjo's Leftover (B) Danielle Perry
FC Brigadoon's Luck of the Draw (B) Paul & Ginny Snyder
AFC Kips' Bay Zac's-A-Tac'n Ellie (B) John & Denise Kipp
FC AFC Kip's Bay Dark N' Stormy Miss Maddie (B) John Kipp
Hopes Carolina Sunshine (B)Bill Applegate
AFC Burning Glen Encore (B) Mike Mercanti
FC Jack's Tough Enough (B) Brent & Marcia Rupnow
FC AFC Hit's A Red Rock Girl (B) Brent & Marcia Rupnow
FC Rosie the Terror (B) Mario Maiale
FC Brigadoon's Hi Proof Moonshine (B) Paul & Ginny Snyder
TJ's Black Diamond (B)Joanne & John Perry
Spring 2018 Accomplishments

Region 2 Brittany Champagne Memorial Shooting Dog Championship
Copper on the Job (M Maiale)
Grand Open Limited Gun Dog 3rd
Region III Brittany Amateur All Age Championship

Marjo's Leftover (D. Perry)
Grand Amateur Limited All Age 4th
Georgia Brittany Club
Second Amendment (J&J Perry)Open Gun Dog 2nd
Northern Virginia Brittany Club
Briar Patch Ms Gabreal (W Applegate & M Roth)
Amateur Gun Dog 1st
HiTail's All Wound Up (D&M Augustine)Amateur Gun Dog 4th
Marjo's Leftover (D Perry)Open All Age 1st
Tarheel Open Shooting Dog Championship
Briar Patch Ms Gabreal (W Applegate & M Roth)Champion
Copper on the Job (M Maiale)Grand Open Limited Gun Dog 3rd
Tarheel Brittany Club
Copper on the Job (M Maiale)Amateur Gun Dog 2nd
Copper on the Job (M Maiale)Open Gun Dog 3rd
Winnie the Wip (M Maiale)Open Gun Dog 4th
Buckeye Brittany Club
Marjo's Fille De La Bretagne (L&B Goldman)Open Gun Dog 4th
Marjo's Leftover (D Perry)Open Limited Gun Dog 1st
Marjo's Fille De La Bretagne (L&B Goldman)Open Limited Gun Dog 2nd
Ron Zook Memorial Shooting Dog Championship
Marjo's Fille De La Bretagne (L&B Goldman)Champion
TJ"s Black Diamond (J&J Perry)Grand Open Limited Gun Dog 4th
Pennsylvania Shooting Dog Championship
Marjo's Leftover (D Perry)
North Jersey Brittany Club
Hit's a Red Rock Girl (B&M Rupnow)Amateur Gun Dog 2nd
Kip's Bay Dark N' Stormy Miss Maddie (J Kipp)
Open Gun Dog 1st
Contact Pete at (610) 767-4639 for more information about receiving training for your dog.